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Name:Mittens aka Fandom Cat

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4chan, alexa is mean, annoying joe, artemis, b. kliban, barfing up hairballs, being a bad kitty, being a nice kitty, being an attention whore, being annoying, being right, being snobby, being superior, biting, cat macros, cat orgies, catnip, cats, cats rule the internet, caturday, chasing birds, chasing mice, clawing the furniture, claws, clean my litterbox, cleaning myself in public, dead squirrels as gifts, do not want, dogs suck, don't call me mittens!, eatin ur foods, fandom, fandom wank, farting, feline characters, felix the cat, fft!, fish, fritz the cat, garfield, get me some fish, glameow, gordon is a turd, gushy fudz, hairballs suck, harbl, heathcliff, hissing, humans are buttheads, humans are inferior, humans are my slaves, humans suck, in ur fridge, joe is mean, juggling eggs and tomatoes, knocking over glasses of water, licking my butt, loki the mean kitty, lol fandom, lol humans, lolcats, lucy is scary, luna, luna/artemis, macros, making prudes scream, making trisha scream, manipulating humans, mean kitties, memes, meow!, meowing, meowth, milk, mousies, mrow!, my ego, nice juicy fish, no vet visits, not being neutered, not birds, not cassie threatening to take my nads, not fleas, not hannah's mop, not ponies, not that damn chinchilla, not ticks, not wearing dresses, oscar must die, patrick is scary, peeing in beds, peeing on things, puking on things, purring, purrloin, rod's a fuckhead, ruining furniture, sardines, scratching, sephiroth is a dick, shedding, shredding carpets, shredding idiots, singing on the fence, skitty, sleeping in your bed, sleepy tiem, smelly butt, sparta the mean kitty, stealing ur chair, stop posting, sue is mean, tasty birdies, tasty mousies, teasing hannah, threatening idiots with claws, tormenting angela, tormenting zacharias, toy mice, tracking mud, trolling the humans, tuna, tuna breath, watching people fap, your offering pleases kitty
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